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All the cyber punk wanted was some munchies from the corner store. He hadn't counted on a leviathan messing up the block and taking the punk's neighbors hostage. Time to test out some new augments, free homies and get to the store before it closes.


Before the actual game starts, a popup window opens where it will show the resolution. There is also an "input" tab where you are able to map the inputs. When using a controller, you'll probably want to map inputs first. Make sure to map the joystick or Dpad to the "move" input at the bottom of the list, not the top. The other controls could be mapped to whatever.


All hostiles in each area must be destroyed before you are able to free the hostage in that area. The smiley face shows how many HOSTAGES are remaining in the game. The angry face shows how many HOSTILES remain in the area. When the smiley face is pink, find the hostage in the area and shoot the tendril, freeing them.

You receive abilities when freeing hostages allowing you to proceed to the next area. Some areas are inaccessible until you have the correct ability and you may have to back track or go a different direction, and return at a different time.

When you acquire different weapons, holding attack will power them. Try different attacks in different situations. There is always an easy solution, whether it is a certain type of attack, or jumping (sometimes normal jump, sometimes high jump).

Jump over projectiles to dodge them. Moving closer to enemies will cause them to melee attack instead of shooting projectiles at you, making it easier to concentrate on dodging less projectiles.


If you're still having trouble progressing, here are some instructions:

Level 1: There are only 2 hostiles, one to the right and one to the left. Destroying them will allow you to free your first hostage to the far left and grant you the "Dash" ability. This will allow you to dash underneath the train car before it falls and grant you access to the train level.

Level 2: Once in the train, jump over projectiles and shoot the hostiles until they are all gone and free "Murphy" at the end of the train. You will receive the "High Jump" ability and will be able to then follow him through the hole in the wall and jump on top of the train. (If your high jump isnt high enough to reach the top of the train easily, restart and everything will work fine, this is the only bug ive found and it happens roughly 1/100 times so its probably wont be an issue).

Level 3: Once on top of the train proceed to the right, back to the bridge, using the new blast ability to destroy entire swarms in one hit. Destroy all the hostiles to unlock the hostage at the far right side of the bridge and free "7". Then you will receive the ability to walk on water.

Level 4: Jump off the right side of the bridge and continue onto the water, destroying all the hostiles, using the platforms to fight swarms and tendrils separately. Once all the hostiles are destroyed, the final hostage at the far right, will be unlocked. Shoot the tendril to free him and receive the "Air Dash" ability. Next backtrack to the left, returning to the head of the leviathan, and jump onto the bridge. From the edge of the bridge, high jump off the bridge to the right, towards the leviathan, and air dash onto the platform where its face is.

Level 5: Proceed to the right into the interior of the leviathan and use the new beam attack to easily evaporate hostiles. In this area, it doesn't matter whether you destroy them all, proceed to the far right and you'll automatically run and jump through one of the breathing holes onto a floating platform where the corner store is located. Congratulations! You did it!

PlatformsWindows, macOS


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